What’s Your Story?

We are on a mission to learn more about the people behind the businesses in our city and we would love to know your story. Then we want to share that story with the rest of our community.

What was the inspiration in starting your company? Who’s idea was it? What struggles did you have to overcome to get where you are today? Have some fond memories or hilarious situations? We’d love to hear those too.

Basically, we want to learn about the heart and soul that gets you up in the morning and keeps you doing what you’re doing, and we think the rest of our area would like to know that too.

Maybe you need the reminder as well.

We’ll call the collection something really inspirational like….

Beyond the Facade…

Discovering the hearts and souls behind our local businesses.


To tell your story, please include the following with your submission:

  • Your name and the company’s name
  • The story behind your business
  • Maybe a few pictures (or indicate that you would like us to take some)
  • Where you’re located
  • Website and social media links if you have them
  • Your contact information

Submissions can be sent to:

Leta Jacobs | Owner and Designer | Design by Leta



You can fill this out and I’ll be in touch.




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